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Mar 16

A few weeks ago the band and I, along with Jeremy Foster, went to Kingdom Broadcasting in El Dorado AR and had so much fun!  The live performance was televised before a studio audience and was aired to over 40,000 homes.

Here is the song we kicked this whole 'shindig' off with....Sanctuary!.... hope you guys enjoy!:)   ***truly***   Hayley ;)

Nov 10

This is a day in my life - - the day of the concert!  We had a blast  making this video.  And, yes, I was shivering cold after that trip  through the fountain!  

Nov 9

I Feel Change! This is one of the songs on my project and is actually THE song that cinched the title of the CD. The folks you see in this clip are just everyday people around town... at school, at work, coming and going. This footage was used at the first Hayley Masters concert to prompt the song "I Feel Change"...



Nov 9

Here are truly Hayley thoughts about "Seasons of Change" :) I hope that this message gives you hope if you are going through something you don't understand. Just remember, God is near... and, the music says it all... "Be Near".