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The Day of the Concert

This is a day in my life - - the day of the concert!  We had a blast  making this video.  And, yes, I was shivering cold after that trip  through the fountain!  


hey,Hayley i love that video! i watch it like everyday really i do!and i just wanted to say thanks for the shirt and that you think i am pretty! and i just love your voice! i think you are a wonderful singer!(i am your BIGGEST FAN!)i am done now!
Hayley, we are loving the cd... and working hard in San Antonio. We are big fans! Proud of you girl, and hope we can get you in south texas soon.... i know God has his hand on your life! Brandon
My oh my....I look at all this and remember back to the tiny little tot's (you and Sabre) that we had to beg to sing the songs from whatever childrens musical you had been in. Then started the music lessons and the guitar concerts at Christmas. And you seemed so small that Thanksgiving when we each sat in the chair and prayed for one another. You were first and a song was born that day as God spoke to Tevia as she watched you sitting there so small but no less moved by the Holy Ghost. "Beauty of Holiness" was the glow about you and the first verse came, "As a little child, Lord we come before your throne. In simple faith believing in your unfailing power". Now look at you and what God has done...How exciting. You are beautiful! Hang on to the precious things of God as He leads you into a ministry that will be a blessing to many and bring great glory to God. That's what it's all about. We love you and are excited for you. Come see us *sniffsniff*.... Hugs & Kisses....Aunt San & UncUnc