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A lifestyle of reading, I'm booked!

The flawless sky of October with sprinkles of yellows and reds is absolutely inspiring and sets the stage for reading some great books.  I grew up with books. As a very young child, my family visited the library and would check out as many books at one time that was allowed.  My mom read to my sister and me every day until we learned to read.  Over time, I've had many favorites.  I don't necessarily follow any particular author; I just like to find books that speak to me, whether fiction or nonfiction.  When choosing a book, I try to make sure it is morally decent.  I am currently reading ANOTHER DAY IN THE FRONTAL LOBE, a book in which the author, a female neurosurgeon, recounts some of her most dramatic cases.  Not just this month, but throughout the year, I want to encourage you to read, read, and read some more.  Reading is a window and takes us on journeys otherwise not available.