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Jul 9

In 24 hours, I will be standing on the platform, facing family and friends who will have gathered to witness the long-awaited marriage of my cousin, Brad Masters to Miss Patti Meyers.  That's right folks, they will tie the knot tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Pentecostals of the Twin Cities.  I am so excited to be singing a couple of songs that the bride and groom have chosen.  It is going to be a beautiful occasion!

Jun 7

Here are a few responses from a recent post on my Facebook page! I asked fans to write their own caption for this picture. Can you do better? Post your own caption in the comments

  1. Yeeeeeeeeessssss!!!
  2. no more taxes!
  3. *Yaaawwnnn*
  4. ARISE!
  5. Snake!!!!!
  6. OUCH!
  7. WATCH ME!
May 24

A couple of musicians working hard in the studio!

May 21

Sine, one of the most adorable babies in the world, came by to visit me in his dad's studio while we were working on my new project! Here's a quick pic!

May 20

The Theresa Marsala Memorial Walk will be held Friday, May 21 at 9 a.m. at the Ouachita Council on Aging in Monroe, Louisiana.  Theresa was the president of the Cancer Foundation League.  This event is to commemorate her volunteer work and to keep the torch burning on behalf of this organization.  Hayley will be singing the national anthem and will do an acoustic set accompanied by Thomas Culp and Cody Smith.  Come on out and support this wonderful cause.

May 18
May 14

I like to be futuristic and visionary, but a lot can be learned from our past.  Here are a few things that tell you a little bit about me.  I adore Winnie the Pooh, and actually have 75 of these tumbly bears.  Then there's Pocahontas, which I talked about in a previous blog... my Pocahontas doll, my Pocahontas costume, and my imagination.  My love for horses runs deep, even though I have never owned one. Chickasaw, an Appaloosa, is my favorite horse to ride out at Traveler's Rest Farm.  I didn't mind riding Paleface until he bucked me off one summer.  The pink cowboys boots, ooohhh yeah, I would wear these dolls to Sunday School and my teachers would always get a kick out of it!

On a more serious note, the Bible that you see in this picture was given to me when I was two years old and is still my favorite.  I was baptized at age seven, and at age nine became a North American Bible Quizzer.  All of the boxes in this picture are full of verse cards.... over 4,000 scriptures that I have memorized and try to apply to my life.  Hope you enjoy this little slice of my life!

May 11

Not only do I love the history of Pocahontas, but the Disney movie is my absolute favorite!  Since I was about four or five years old, I have been watching this movie and pretending to be Pocahontas.  I recently found the Pocahontas costume that I would wear as I would jump off the recliner and run down the hall, acting as if I were her while I watched the movie.  Once outside, I would jauntily run down a winding stone path around a magnificent live oak in our backyard.  The live oak became Grandmother Willow, and my dog became Meeko.  My imagination would always take me back hundreds of years to a place in time where I was an indian princess!

May 10

As I was going through a lot of memories getting ready for graduation, I came across a book that I wrote when I was in the first grade at River Oaks Elementary School.  I've always loved the story of Easter, and how that through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, people can find eternal life.

"The Easter Egg Hunt", of course, as the title indicates, is about Berinia not being able to find her Easter eggs.  Just when she was about to give up, what do you think happened? Hmmm...  You guessed it!  She found them and was so thrilled!

Sometimes finding hope and eternal peace may seem frustrating to the point of giving up, but Jesus really isn't that hard to find.  If we will seek Him, He will be found.

May 6

Graduation is almost here, and I can't wait!  This past Sunday our church hosted a reception for the 2010 graduates.  I especially liked Nichole Smith's view that "learning does not end at graduation but lasts for a lifetime."  I've always had this idea as I was a home school student for 10 years.  I also appreciate that she inspired me to read more and to stay grounded in truth.

Here are a few pics of my graduation table and family and friends!