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Just Thinking

Oct 3

Great times at Walt's Pizza in Marion, IL with singer/songwriter Charmaine and Amy!  :) :) :)


Jun 30

Take a look at the band about to head to San Antonio, TX.  What a great looking group!  A trip to San Antonio would never be complete without visiting Sea World and the Shamu Stadium!  And, yes, sunny San Antonio turned a bit wet... And we were all soaked, even after buying our $8.00 ponchos!  However, the defining moment of the day was the beautiful rainbow that appeared as we were leaving!


Hayley ;)

Mar 30

About a week and a half ago, I went to visit our local radio station, 88.7 FM The Cross. I brought them some sweet treats as they were wrapping up the last few hours of their annual share-a-thon. It was great fun! Enjoy!:) ***truly*** Hayley ;)


Feb 18

Haha... I was going through some pictures from SLAM'S New Year's Revolution, and I came across a couple that just made me laugh. I figured I'd share them with you guys in hopes that they would bring a few chuckles to you as well. :) They reminded me, that no matter how much hard work following your dreams can be, you should most of all just have fun doing what you love to do!... I mean after all, it is YOUR dream right??... so just go ahead... goof around, and have some FUN... just "lean your head back and take it all in!"


Hayley ;)

Feb 5

I had a great time visiting with my wonderful friends at The Cross 88.7 FM. I especially want to thank some of the most talented radio genuises ever... Phillip Brooks and Rob Tucker... for playing my music and believing in me! You guys are the coolest!

Jan 8

This adorable little boy from San Antonio, TX, is belting out octaves singing 'Beautiful, Beautiful!' along with me. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen! :)


Hayley ;)

Dec 18

My C.D. release party was an incredible occasion! Even though it was nearly two months ago, I have yet to forget it, and I hope many of you haven't either. I felt such excitement and wonder that night... I kept asking myself "Oh my gosh, is this a dream?" The whole experience was just simply breathtaking. But among all the excitement and nerves... .among all the lights and production, there is one special thing that happened this night that I wil never forget as long as I live.

It was 6:50 on October 22, 2008. Just ten minutes before the doors opened. I was backstage and was a complete basket-case! I kept thinking... Oh no! what if I forget my words, or what if my voice cracks, what if something goes haywire with the production end of things!... .I guess you could say I was having a minor nervous breakdown!lol By this time it was 6:55... just five more minutes and that was it... all eyes on me. I walked back to the green room to go get a drink of water. And this was when GOD just kinda slapped me in the face and was like "hello! Remember this isn't all about you!"lol I sat down in a big green leather chair and just sank down in it. I was shaking all over. I said a quick prayer asking God to calm me down. Then I looked up and there was a schedule sitting on the coffee table that caught my eye. I picked it up and only one song out of the ten that were on there grabbed my attention. I felt like such a moron!haha Here I was going insane about this whole thing and had forgotten the whole reason why I was doing it in the first place. I put the schedule back on the table and I just began to weep. I prayed, "God no matter what happens tonight, I pray that You and only You will be exalted. If only one person is changed tonight, then we have fulfilled our purpose... and help everyone, including myself, to constantly be reminded that all of this is... ... "For Your Glory".


hayley ;

Dec 5

Just wish I had some snow to slosh in! :(

I'll just have to settle for some green, green grass of December.


Hayley ;)

Nov 25

YAY! I am super excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner! All the preparations are so exciting! Among all the Christmas program practices, decorating the house, cooking more food than we will EVER be able to eat, the FREEZING cold weather, and the Christmas lights everywhere, it's really starting to feel like the 'happy holidays'. This is also such a great time for friends and family to come together.

This past weekend a few friends came into town, and we went to the ULM campus and took soooo many pictures by the Christmas lights. The lights were so pretty, and we had a bucket load of fun! Here are just a few of the pics we took... ENJOY!

Hayley ;)

Nov 6

I had the opportunity to sing for the Christian Homeschool Association West Monroe CO-OP yesterday morning, and it was so exciting! I was very honored to sing for such a great group. Neil Roshto (my awesome guitar teacher) and I rocked out on our guitars to "Be Near Me"... You guys ROCK!!! :) A little over 100 folks showed up... it was AWESOME! If you were there, leave a comment :) !