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What a night!

Hayley's CD release concert was UNBELIEVABLE! If you weren't there, you missed something truly special. Hayley will be blogging this weekend about the concert and more, so be sure you come back and read the updates!

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I thought the concert was AWESOME! It was a blast to setup, we had great practices, but most importantly, an OUTSTANDING performance! Hayley took all of my expectations and just blew them out of the water! By the way---GREAT website, and AWESOME blog! Love ya Hayley! Cameron
Hayley's concert was AMAZING! She totally rocke dout, and was also very annointed! I am so proud of the way everything turned out, and of the amazing job that Hayley did! AHe is going to be a SUPERSTAR!
i can't even begin to describe how awesome this concert was... she was amazing to watch ( seemed like a natural even though it was her first one)... by far the most exciting experience of my life... and i think she winked at me... lol Love you hayley Your best friend and Biggest Fan ever Caleb
Wow...that's all I can say. You're an amazing singer! I know that's just preaching to the choir *yes, pun intended* but you really are great. I feel very privilaged to have been able to perform beside such an annointed person destined for greatness these last few years i guess...I lost track of time haha. Continue the good, no GREAT work! and never forget where you came from, or where you wanna go *and by that i mean heaven :)* Just some random dude/fan person Keifer Price
Hey Hayley YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your music! Specially Sanctuary!!! I think your a great singer and I'm sooooooooo happy that all your songs are about Jesus!!!!!! Your friend, Josie