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It's a great salvation!

On this cold night in March, I am sitting in my local Books A Million. Actually, I thought I would take advantage of some quiet time to catch up on some reading. However, during the past 20 minutes, I have been distracted by a couple in the cafe who appear to be in a Bible study with a minister. I have been so captivated by their innocence, if you will, with regard to matters of the Bible, and the salvation that is offered to us all. To watch, firsthand the joy that comes across one's face when they finally understand why Jesus died on the cross, that He did it to save EVERYONE, and that His sacrifice has made allowances for them to lead a life free from the bondage of sin is invigorating.

At times, I think those of us who have been a part of the wonderful journey that is Christianity for the majority of our lives fail to remember the joy that is at our immediate disposal through God's salvation. We become down trodden with the trials of everyday life. We accuse the enemy of stealing our joy, when really our joy is accessed through salvation. We go through the motions of a "Christ-like" life, and we forget what it feels like to be captivated by the presence of the Most High where we experience pure and uncontainable joy . It is time we revisit the altar where our walk with Christ first began and pray as the Psalmist prayed: "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit."