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Early Morning Singing! :)

I had the opportunity to sing for the Christian Homeschool Association West Monroe CO-OP yesterday morning, and it was so exciting! I was very honored to sing for such a great group. Neil Roshto (my awesome guitar teacher) and I rocked out on our guitars to "Be Near Me"... You guys ROCK!!! :) A little over 100 folks showed up... it was AWESOME! If you were there, leave a comment :) !



I didn't know you played!?! I'll hafta make you play sometime haha. Also, that is the largest thing of roses I've EVER seen given to someone. I mean really, it looks like they pulled a whole bush out! Funny? I thought so...lata guh.
awww hayley ..that's so exciting...i have to agree with keifer----- that's the biggest bouquet of roses ever!!! beautiful though....
Thanks for coming to sing for our co-op chapel, Hayley. You were great as usual and it was a real treat for us. Since we got your CD at your concert it is all we have listened to. We love our CD and can't wait to get your next CD. God Bless you and your family. Love ya, The Miller Family
You were great Hayley! We listen to your CD i the van a lot. If another CD is playing, Dad always tells us to "turn Hayley back on". lol
Hey,Hayley you were wonderful! And I also wanted you to look at Michael's blog he posted a new post i like it!
We missed it AND your release party. Both girls were sick BOTH times. Alli and I were so upset! I'm sure you were wonderful!! We can't wait to get your CD. I think I'm ordering one tomorrow!